Organize Your Garage In 1 Day and 4 Hours November 11 2013, 0 Comments

It’s a big scary monster. I know. Let me break it down in 4 steps, so you can better visualize your path to success. You can start today with the 4 hour part: planning and shopping. Mark your calendar to reserve 1 day to tackle the other steps, but get started now.

      1. Take a BEFORE picture!
      2. Sketch a plan (then go shopping).

        Make a rough sketch of the dimensions of your garage. Identify where you park your car and your walking paths. Put an X where you walk and park to make those areas off limits for storage.

        Mark on your plan where you can put storage solutions. Here are some ideas:

        • <12" for tool organizers, hooks, and pegs
        • 12” - 16” deep adjustable-wall mounted shelves (3' to 8' wide)
        • 18” - 24” free-standing shelves (3' or 4' wide)
        • workbench
        • floor items (like the lawn mower)
        • overhead storage racks - Read 10 Things You Should Put In Overhead Storage

        Now the fun part - Go shopping for hardware! Please visit the Catalog link to see the products sold on this site.

      3. Completely Empty Your Garage

        Zone off 3 spaces on your driveway or yard:Keep, donate, and trash. I suggest laying tarps on your driveway because they create a visual allotment of space. Put the ‘keep’ tarp closest to the garage to save yourself hauling items further than necessary.

        If you're having trouble decided if you can part with something, read this list of questions to ask yourself when deciding to keep or purge.

        This is a good opportunity to clean the garage. Sweep or spray the floors off.

      4. Install shelves, hooks, & racks.

        Ask a friend or relative to help - the extra pair of hands helps avoid frustration and mistakes. He/she could check the instructions while you work. Got a friend who is handy with tools? Invite him (or her) over.

        Assemble and install your shelves, racks, and tool hangers.

        Refer to your plan from step 1 while placing your shelves and hooks. It’s normal to have to make adjustments during execution. No plan is perfect.

      5. Put 'Keep' items back into the garage.

        This will take less time than emptying the garage because you only put some of items back into the garage. Move everything from your ‘keep’ zone into their designated storage spaces in the garage. Label everything - see Simple Labeling Tips.

        Make a trip to goodwill with your ‘donate’ pile. Haul the ‘trash’ to the curb.

      6. Enjoy the peaceful feeling of no longer being burdened, bothered, or stressed by a messy garage. Take a moment to stand back and appreciate your hard work.

        Lastly, remember to take an AFTER picture!

Check out my Sort > Consolidate > Organize > Maintain method to organizing. Not just for the garage... Use it everywhere in your home!

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